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Smile in a Day

If you are facing total or massive tooth loss and are weighing your options, Smile in a Day not only provides new hope, it can deliver it quickly.

In the past, massive or total tooth loss was a life altering event. Dentures were the only answer. Not only did dentures have a number of unpleasant side effects, there were no teeth roots left to stimulate the jawbone, so bone deterioration was inevitable.

Dental implants changed everything. With dental implants, the dentist drills a hole in the jawbone where the original root would have been, and then inserts a titanium implant. As the body naturally heals, the jawbone integrates itself around the titanium implant, as if it were a natural tooth root. After the bonding process is complete, a porcelain crown is attached to the implant. It looks and feels like a real tooth. And because the jawbone reacts to the implant as it would a tooth root, bone deterioration does not take place.

Unfortunately the process can take four to nine months because the implants need time to heal and integrate with the jawbone. This is okay if you are only missing one tooth, but for multiple tooth loss, it's not pragmatic. The other drawback was that for a total arch replacement six to ten implants were needed to support the fixed replacement teeth. This was financially problematic for many patients.

Then came the All-on-4 breakthrough, which made Smile in a Day possible. Dentists found that by inserting the implant at a 45 degree angle, it's strength was drastically increased so that only four to six implants were needed to secure an entire arch. Also, they discovered that with the All-on-4 technique, crowns can be applied immediately rather than having to wait two to four months for the implant to heal.

Smile in a Day utilizes the All-on-4 technique so that patients can walk out of the dentist office with a new smile in one visit, rather than spending months in the process. The day of your appointment will be the day you get your new smile.

Call TeethNow to discuss your options, and if you are a fit for Smile in a Day.

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